Eyelid Correction or Blefaroplasty

The upper eyelids can become drooping as the eyes age and give a tiring or oppressive feeling to the eyes, because the elasticity of the skin is lost, sometimes with prolapse of the subcutaneous fatty tissue. If serious, this can also affect the field of vision.
In the lower eyelids these are the ‘eye bags’, which are caused by a similar aging process.
First, the skin tissue to be removed is accurately marked, then the excess skin is cut away, as well as muscle and fat tissue if necessary. The stitches should be left in place for 7-10 days. The incision is made in such a way that the scar falls into the skin fold and is therefore not visible. The procedure is performed outpatient in the practice and under local anaesthesia.

Ectropion / Entropion

An ectropion is an outwardly twisted lower eyelid, usually as a result of slackening of the tissues with ageing or due to skin tension due to scars or certain skin diseases. This can cause the eye to tear because the drain of the tearways no longer fits nicely with the eye, redness and irritation can also occur.

An entropion is an inverted lower eyelid, also here usually due to slackening of the tissues with age. The complaints of irritation, pain and abrasion are caused by the eyelashes rubbing against the cornea. Continuous irritation can even lead to (severe) scarring of the cornea.

ectropion eye lids


Both the ectropion and the entropion can be treated, if caused by tissue sagging, by tightening the eyelid by cutting away a piece of tissue. Both procedures are performed outpatient under local anaesthesia.